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What is a “lectin”?

December 23, 2021 2 min read


Lectins are small protein molecules that bind to cells in your body. Taken in large doses, these molecules bind to the cells lining your intestinal tract and stop your body from properly digesting foods. All sorts of poor digestion symptoms – from bloating and gas to low energy – have been attributed to their effects. Some have even termed this phenomenon “leaky gut.”

That sounds complicated.

Your body is an incredible machine. When each part functions as it should, it provides not only a way to turn food into energy, and also has it’s own defense system built right in so that bad bacteria and viruses can’t come in and ruin the party.

However, there are things you can eat which cause your wonderful machine to start breaking down. And, just like a car, without maintenance it will start having major problems!

What can I do?

Lectins are small proteins almost always found in plants. If you cannot identify which food in your diet is causing your symptoms, you can use a lectin-blocker to take out these harmful proteins even after you’ve eaten them. People have been seeing huge changes in the way they feel, from increased energy and focus to reduction of skin rashes and acne and even including being able to lose weight that they were struggling to lose!

Each person’s diet, genetics, immune system, and microbiome will be different. However, there are some things that everyone can do to help remove these harmful proteins:
1. Identify the food(s) that make you feel poorly and remove them from your diet.
2. Supplement your diet with natural supplements that are known to block these harmful proteins.
3. Maintain a diet (long term) that keeps these harmful proteins away from you so that your body doesn’t heal itself just to have another wave of attack!

What blocks these lectins?

There are lists of lectin-rich foods online if you’d like to take a look. Many of the items on the lists are common to American diets.

The list of supplements that block these harmful protein lectins is rather short. ProGutMD uses a short list, but highly potent all-natural supplements to create a blockade that keeps these lectins from attacking the lining of your intestine, promotes proper digestion, and reduces symptoms of Leaky Gut.

Dominus Health Group
Dominus Health Group

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