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Our Story

Welcome to ProGutMD!

Our company was founded by a gastrointestinal (GI) physician who saw the improved outcomes that were experienced by using all-natural remedies and desired to provide a clear, trustworthy, reliable source. With over 20 combined years in traditional medicine, natural supplements, and fitness, we have a strong passion to see people improve their health and enjoy their lives by developing healthy eating, exercising, and social habits.

By treating each person as an individual with individual responses to foods, allergens, medications, and supplements, we are able to help address unique and individual problems. You are not a statistic, you are an individual and your approach to health and wellness should also be tailored and individualized to you.

With these things in mind, I think you’ll find that the options you have available to you will help you on your personal wellness journey. If there is anything we can do to help, please reach out. Our physician responds personally to many of the questions that we receive!