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Full Restore by ProGutMD vs Balance of Nature

ProGutMD’s Performance Greens

Performance Greens is designed to elevate your well-being by offering you a convenient way to meet your daily essential nutrient requirements.


  • Formulated by a gut-health specialist, board-certified physician
  • Restore energy levels and promote an increase in vitality*
  • Reach daily vegetable intake*
  • Boost immune system and support overall digestion*
  • No filler ingredients; each ingredient is carefully chosen for its health benefits
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Does not contain Soybeans

*Every individual is unique. Your results may vary.

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Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies

Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggiesis a fruit and vegetable supplement that contains a blend of 16 whole fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Howard, the founder of Balance of Nature in 1997, has a background in pediatrics and a medical degree earned in Russia. He is now retired from medicine. While the ingredients are mostly solid, it is worth noting that soybeans are included, which have low nutritional value and can cause allergies. Additionally, soybeans are commonly found in processed foods. It's important to consider that staying on this product for extended periods of time may be too costly for many individuals.


  • Doctor formulated, but not by a gut specialist
  • Company longevity
  • Easy Capsule Form
  • Includes more ingredients, some with no health benefits
  • Below Industry Average Refund Policy (30 Days)
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What Sets ProGutMD's Performance Greens Apart