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Performance Reds: 3 In 1 Super Supplement


Introducing Performance Reds 3-In-1 Super Supplement, brought to you by ProGutMD. Developed by our experienced physician specializing in gastrointestinal health, this unique supplement combines the power of probiotics, prebiotics, and polyphenols to support overall well-being. Packed with top-quality ingredients like beetroot, turmeric, and green tea, Performance Reds is designed to boost metabolism, increase energy levels, promote healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, and support skin health. Experience the benefits of Performance Reds and unlock your body's potential today.


  • Designed to help reduce inflammation* 
  • Assists with a natural boost in energy levels*
  • Promote healthy digestion*
  • Prebiotic support*
  • Support skin health*
  • Delicious berry flavor
  • Formulated by ProGutMD’s gut health physician 

Our physician-formulated supplement is loaded with dozens of polyphenol-rich fruits along with added fiber for prebiotic support. We are committed to providing a formula full of the highest quality ingredients. Combine all of this with our delicious berry flavor to get the best fat burning supplement.

KEY INGREDIENTS:  Beet Root, Oat Fiber, Turmeric, Green Tea, Probiotics, Cinnamon, Ginger, Shilajit

Our Doctor's Advice: Take Performance Reds and  Performance Greens every day to get an amazing amount of much-needed fruits and vegetables without having to plan them into your diet!

*Every individual is unique. Your results may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
S. Myers
I wish it was in capsule form

I've been using this product for a couple of weeks and so far have not noticed any benefits, and it tastes horrible so it's really hard to drink this every day. I have to have food to eat immediately afterward to get the nasty and powdery taste out of my mouth. I'm glad this product was a free promo included with my regular order so at least I didn't pay for it. Why is it not in capsule form like the rest of the ProGutMD products?

Apryl Barger
Performance Reds

I feel it really help with my regularity, especially!! Take it every day and plan on continuing.

Apryl Barger
Performance Reds Review

I am 65 years old, been using performance reds for about six months. Notice more energy and definitely has made a big improvement using the probiotics in my daily health.

Carolyn Davis
Works well

My niece is taking the product and getting good results.

Carolyn Davis
Great Product

Love the energy I have from taking this product. Also, works great on the bowels.


Have questions about Performance Reds? We've got you covered!

For those looking to achieve optimal results with Performance Reds, take Performance Reds and Performance Greens every day to get an amazing amount of much-needed fruits and vegetables without having to plan them into your diet.

We recommend one scoop of Performance Reds daily.

Performance Reds is a unique product that was designed to be a 3-in-1 super supplement that covers three main categories of gut health. A powerful probiotic and prebiotic digestive blend, a metabolic blend for a boost in metabolism, and a polyphenol blend for increased energy and vitality. These three combined provide a powerful supplement that is great for weight loss, an energy boost, and overall digestive health.

Polyphenols, alongside other dietary elements such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids, collectively known as antioxidants, function as reducing agents. They help safeguard the body's tissues from oxidative stress and related health conditions including cancers, coronary heart disease, and inflammation.

Yes! In fact, our doctor recommends combining Performance Reds and our Performance Greens for best results.

We understand that each individual is unique, and their bodies may respond differently to dietary supplements. While the majority of our customers experience positive results with Performance Reds, we acknowledge that there may be exceptions. In such cases, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.